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The Farewell Dinner December 2009 Empty The Farewell Dinner December 2009

Post  Fredrik on April 18th 2010, 00:57


The end of the best autumn of your life is coming closer, and as a grand finale of this semester a Farewell Dinner will be held at the 12th of December!

The Dinner will start at 6 PM at STUK. Please be on time so you won't miss all the fun. This dinner will give you a chance to say goodbye to all the friends you’ve made but under fun circumstances.

The delicious menu
Cheesecake with smoked reindeer and parsley

Chicken fillet wrapped in bacon with wok vegetables

Chocolate truffle cake with whipped cream
Coffee or tea

The price for the three course dinner is 180 SEK. Drinks are not included, but there will be good prices! Beer, cider or a glass of wine (with or without alcohol) will be sold for only 28 SEK and sodas for 10 SEK. If you have any allergies or are a vegetarian, tell us when you buy the ticket.

A detail not to forget is that entrance to STUK is included in the price, so we can continue the party all night long!

We will sell tickets to the dinner during lunch time, 12 to 13, on Tuesday the 24th and Thursday the 26th at the LURC office (International Office in C-building). If you can't buy a ticket, ask a friend to do so.

The theme of the dinner will be announced later, but don’t worry, it will be a good theme! Smile

//Johanna - LURC

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The Farewell Dinner December 2009 Empty Farewell Dinner Theme Announcement

Post  Fredrik on April 18th 2010, 00:59

Hej Hej!

It seems like only yesterday that we were all gathered for the welcome dinner and now it is time to say goodbye to Lulea and all the friends we have made. But don't get too sad just yet, because we need you to keep your high spirits and excitment for the Farewell Dinner on 12 December 2009, Saturday, 6pm.

We, your friendly Toastmasters have thought long and hard about a suitable theme and we understand that many of you are busy with assignments and packing up to go home, so the theme we picked is very broad so it's gonna be easy to make it work.

What is it? Drumroll please.................

Okay, don't panic! This just means you can dress up as simply or as outrageously as you like, just try to incorporate something Swedish, such as dressing in Yellow and Blue, or painting a swedish flag on your cheek (you know which cheek we mean).

Here are more ideas: Vikings, Winter sports, Pipi longstockings, Christmas themed outfits, come dressed as a meatball, a member of ABBA, someone working in IKEA....endless possibilities guys!

We know time is running out, but we do need you guys to get creative and come up with performances, videos, skits, parodies, speeches, presentations etc. to make sure everyone has a good time. It would be great if your performances cold be related to expereinces you have had in Lulea or LTU, or it could be related to some funny or strange aspect of Swedish culture and lifestyle that you will never forget.

Please remember to send us an email with a description of your performance and include any multimedia files (eg music, photos, slideshow, videos) that you may have as an attachment. Please email us by midnight of Thursday 10th Dec 2009.

So good luck with your mission! We're looking forward to seeing all of you there. Lets make this an awesome dinner to remember and party the night away at STUK afterwards!

Your Toastmasters

The Toast Masters

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