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International Food Festival autumn 2009 Empty International Food Festival autumn 2009

Post  Fredrik on October 12th 2009, 15:40

Hi everyone!

On Saturday (October 17) it is time for you to show us your cooking skills. Wink It is time for the International Food Festival. At the food festival each person or group of people contributes a dish of food to be shared among all the guests. The idea is to give everybody a chance to experience the different countries' food culture. You can choose to do starter, main course or dessert. In English this is called potluck (wikipedia:potluck)

If you are bringing warm food be sure to wrap in aluminium foil. Also bring a table mat if you need one. There are a few microwaves for reheating but there won't be time for everyone to reheat. Also think about preparing the food so it is easily served in small portions and bring the tools necessary to serve it. We will have paper available on which to write signs for each dish but it would be best if you could prepare this at home.

If you wonder how much to cook think about that if you cook for 5-10 people (normal portions) it will be enough for 40-50 people on this dinner since one will only eat small portions of each dish. You decide yourself how much to cook.

We in LURC will arrange with decoration, plates, glasses and cutlery. We will of course also prepare some Swedish delicacies.

You should also bring your own beverages.

The dinner start at 7 p.m and it takes place in Gelbe, in the basement of the F-building. The dinner will last until 23:00, after which we hope you will join us in going to STUK.

So get together with your countrymen and start planning. If you have any questions, some special ingredient you can't find or anything please make a post here in the forum.

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