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The Welcome Dinner January 2010 Empty The Welcome Dinner January 2010

Post  Fredrik on April 18th 2010, 01:08

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and you are all settled in Luleå, because now it's time for the Welcome Dinner! This is a great way for the new students to get to know each other and for the old students to make them feel extra welcome!!

The dinner will be held at STUK this coming Saturday on January 23rd at 6PM. Afterwards we'll of course keep the party going at STUK!! Smile

Entree: Flatbread roll with salami and cheese
Main course: Cold cut steak with potato-cake and cognac sauce
Dessert: Raspberry cheesecake

Within a few days you will receive an e-mail from the mysterious toast masters for more information about the dinner. The toast masters also want you to prepare a performance. This performance can be pretty much anything you want: videos, pictures, a song, a comedy sketch whatever you come up with! You'll get an extra plus if you somehow incorporate the theme in your performance! Smile
The theme will be emailed to you by the toastmasters as well Very Happy

To attend this awesome event you will need a ticket. Buy the ticket on Monday Jan 18th or Tuesday Jan 19th 12-13 outside the International Office. The price for each ticket is 160 SEK. If you want a vegetarian alternative course, a non-alcohol alternative or if you have any allergies, please be sure to let us know as you are buying the tickets.

If you for some reason are unable to buy a ticket during these two days, be sure to ask someone to buy it for you! Or if you have a friend arriving next week you can buy a ticket for them as long as you just know their full name.

So to sum this all up...!

Welcome dinner
When? January 23rd , 6PM
Where? STUK

When? Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th of January
Where? Outside the International Office
Time? 12-13
Price? 160 SEK

I hope to see you all there! And feel free to email us if you have ANY questions
~LURC via Liya

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The Welcome Dinner January 2010 Empty Welcome Dinner Theme Announcement

Post  Fredrik on April 18th 2010, 01:12

Hello hello hello,

We, your lovely Toastmasters, hope you all had a great day at the uni today after nice Christmas break. As you already know, on Saturday 23rd January there is the Welcome Dinner at STUK. We hope you all bought your ticket today and if not make sure you get them tomorrow because the dinner is going to be very fun. It will be sold between 12 and 13 at the LURC office in the C-building. We already have ours! Very Happy

Because we are in Sweden and Swedish people love theme parties we also have one. Hence,to have this event filled with lots of fun we are happy announce the theme:

ROCK (the Winter Wonderland)

That means for you guys, dress as a rock star!!!

Also, we would like to ask you to prepare some performances like songs, dances, sketches or whatever comes into your mind. If you include the theme in your performance you'll get an extra plus! Smile
To plan this awesome night we need your plans and ideas until Thursday 21st January by midnight. Just send us an e-mail with the info about your performance. All ideas are welcome!!!
You don't hesitate to ask us any questions! We will always help you and solve problems!

So, it is time to take your neighbours, friends or...and be creative.

Let's gonna rock that night!!!!!

Your lovely Rock Star Toastmasters

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