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The Welcome Dinner August 2009 Empty The Welcome Dinner August 2009

Post  Fredrik on August 24th 2009, 17:45

Hope you have enjoyed Luleå so far and are prepared for the 29th of August when the amazing and fantastic Welcome Dinner will be held!

The theme of the dinner is "Your Country". So, what does this mean? It means that we want you to represent your country in any possible way. Are you French? Bring a baguette! Are you Brazilian? Wear a carnival costume! Are you American? Bring a baseball! Are you from Singapore? Bring a... hm, what is typical for Singapore? Educate us! You can also dress as the colour of your country's flag or as someone famous from your country. Only your imagination will stop you. During the evening you are welcome to do a sketch, a song or some other performance to tell us about your country. You will receive more information about this the next coming days but it could be good to start thinking of something already.

The Welcome Dinner will start at 6PM. Please be on time so you won't miss all the fun. This dinner will be a once in a lifetime experience and something you don't want to miss!

The delicious three course menu
Fresh tomatoes & mozzarella with vinaigrette and herb croutons

Chipotle glazed fillet of pork with ratatouille and potatoes au gratin

White chocolate mousse with blackberries
Coffee or tea

We will sell tickets to the dinner Wednesday 19th of August during lunch time 12 to 1 and Thursday 20th of August 2pm to 3pm. We will be standing in the area outside of the LURC office. Look for two smiling people with a LURC sign in front of them. If you can't buy a ticket, ask a friend to do so since these are the only days we are selling the tickets. After this it is too late. The price for the three course dinner is 180 SEK. Drinks can be bought for reasonable prices. It is not allowed to bring you own drinks. If you have any allergies or are a vegetarian, tell us when you buy the ticket.

After the dinner we will continue the party at STUK with all other Swedish students.

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