Climate in Sweden and Luleå

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Climate in Sweden and Luleå Empty Climate in Sweden and Luleå

Post  Fredrik on July 3rd 2009, 22:00

The warm Gulf Stream in the Atlantic gives Sweden a milder climate than other areas equally far north. Stockholm is at almost the same latitude as southern Greenland but has an average temperature of about +18°C (64°F) in July. The difference between the southern and northern regions of Sweden is not so noticeable in the summer, except for the sun never setting in June and July in the northernmost part, a phenomenon called the midnight sun. In the winter, however, northern Sweden is always covered by snow (at least between December and March) while the winter climate in much of southern Sweden may vary from year to year, as does the amount of snow.

Winters in Luleå are rather cold, with lot of snow. Summers are usually relatively warm. In autumn and spring there is occasional rain. Average temperature in Luleå in winter is about -15C and in summer +18C.
The short but spectacular spring and autumn help to counterbalance the effect of winter. During the summer it never gets dark, and the sun does not set at all for some time. During the darkest weeks of winter there are
four hours of full day-light.

Information about the weather can be found at SMHI (click on Forecasts & Observations). Local temperature statistics for Luleå Campus can be found here.

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