A guide to housing in Luleå

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A guide to housing in Luleå Empty A guide to housing in Luleå

Post  Fredrik on May 21st 2015, 10:53

The International Office at Luleå University of Technology provides accommodation for all Exchange students and Master’s students who pay tuition fees or hold tuition fee waiver/scholarship in finding accommodation during their studies at the university. The accommodations provided are all single bed student accommodations. Read more and apply here.

If this does not apply to you, you need to find a suitable accommodation on your own. In this post you will find some information and recommendations regarding this.

We recommend you to signup and apply as early as possible. To receive a student accommodation you need to be accepted as a student at the university but you can register and put yourself in line years in advance. Once you have been accepted you can start applying for accommodation actively. With non-student accommodations there is of course no limit to how early you can apply.

Housing on Campus
The first recommendation is to register with the two landlords that offer student accommodations, Lulebo AB and Lindbäcks Fastigheter AB. You can register before you are accepted to the university.

Lulebo offers dorm rooms where you are only allowed to stay one person and unfurnished apartments in different sizes. A selection of the apartments around campus is only for students. Lulebo also have apartments all over Luleå. See their website for more details: Lulebo.se.

Lindbäcks have furnished single bed student apartments in varying sizes up to 37,5 m². In the largest ones 28 m² and 37,5 m² it is possible to put in an extra bed at your own expense, it will be very tight but maybe okay for a limited time. Lindbäcks also have larger unfurnished student apartments. See their website for more details: Studentbostadsservice.se.

For both Lulebo and Lindbäcks the regular waiting time for a student accommodation is 1-2 years. Lulebo sometimes release apartments for "Direct booking" which means a shorter window of opportunity and that the number of people that can show interest is limited. With Lulebo you can have an email sent to you when there are available apartments that match your expression of interest.

It is also possible to sublease an apartment. You can find such offerings at Blocket.se and Mystudentstore.se.

These websites are in Swedish but you can use Google Translate to read them.

Direct link to search query for subleases at blocket.se: Bostäder att hyra i Sverige - Blocket Bostad

How to use mystudentstore.se to search for housing in Luleå:
A guide to housing in Luleå 17738879100_3df3468379_o
Uthyres = To rent; Lägenheter/Rum = Apartments/Rooms; Sök = Search

There is also a Facebook Group where mainly students are posting sublease offerings. Facebook: Ge tak åt en student @LTU

Studentbostadsservice also collect sublease offerings here.

About subleasing in Sweden - What to think about
When you have found something to sublease and are going to sign a contract it is good to know how it works in Sweden and what to think about. You can find some good information about that here: Information about Housing Contracts

Since you maybe want to see the apartment before signing it is not something you can arrange before coming to Luleå. However, the university offers temporary accommodation at youth hostels in Luleå.

Temporary accommodation
Students that do not have an accommodation when they start at the university can stay at a youth hostel at a reduced price (currently 100 SEK per night) for a limited period.

For Erasmus Mundus students the International Office administers this. Read more and apply here.

For everyone else you make your own reservation at the hostel. More information here.

We recommend everyone to make a reservation for temporary accommodation.

Apartment hotel
Another recommendation is Fastigheter Lina (Lina Group), a landlord that specializes in furnished apartments for short term stays. Many of their offerings can be a bit expensive but they have some "lower" prized ones. If you are early you can get a good deal. Their apartments are in the city centre with good communication by bus to the university. There are buses every 10-15 minutes and it takes 15 minutes one way. See their website for more details: Lägenhetshotell - Fastigheter Lina.

Contact information Fastigheter Lina
+46 920 230 990

More landlords in Luleå
Akelius Fastigheter
Igeln Fastighetsbolag

Here are some more websites we have found that lists available apartments
Hyra lägenhet i Luleå, hyresvärdar, hyresrätt - Lägenhet.se
I Luleå finns både lediga hyresbostäder, hus, lägenheter, villor och rum mm!
Lediga lägenheter Luleå, studentbostäder, bostäder i andrahand, lediga rum, sök alla bostäder att hyra med sökmotorn Kvalster.se

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