How to pay your rent and other bills

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How to pay your rent and other bills Empty How to pay your rent and other bills

Post  Fredrik on July 16th 2009, 12:14

There are two ways to pay your rent, at a Swedish bank or from your home bank. You are not able to pay your rent directly to the landlord by going to their offices.

Paying from a Swedish bank
You do not need a bank account to pay your bills at a Swedish bank. You can pay at the bank using cash or credit card. Accepted cards in Sweden are MasterCard, Visa, Eurocard, Diners Club and American Express.

The banks charge a fee for paying bills at the bank. It is per bill and is the same even if you have an account at the bank. If your bank account includes internet banking you will be able to pay your bills for free.

If you are going to pay your bills with credit card we recommend Forex Bank.

Paying from your home bank
You can also pay from your home bank. Check with your bank the cost for making international payment.

When you pay the rent from a foreign bank you will need the following information.

  • The name and address to your landlord's bank
  • That banks BIC/SWIFT code
  • Your landlord's account name
  • Your landlord's IBAN number

There are links to this information at the end of this post. You also find it in an attachment to your contract.

To know that the payment comes from you, your landlord need the following information noted with the payment. This information you find on the bill:

  • Fakturanummer (= bill number) - If you pay the rent at your bank's office.
  • OCR number - Only if you pay the rent through internet banking.
  • Objektnummer (= object number)
  • Amount in SEK

Paying several rents at once
If you would like to pay several or all rents with one payment, it is possible to do so. You can use the next bill due and pay a larger amount. If the bank does not accept this you can ask your landlord to print a special bill. The extra amount you pay will be discounted on future bills. You will still receive these bills but instead of an amount it will be written Makulerad, that means it has already been paid.

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