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Post  Fredrik on December 12th 2014, 16:29

Mobile phone: The easiest and cheapest way to make phone calls is to use a mobile phone. You can bring your own mobile and we will provide you with a Swedish SIM-card free of charge. However there will be initial costs. You can also buy a new mobile phone here for a reasonable price.

Landline phone: Not recommended due to high initial costs of getting a contract and a phone. It is easiest to use a mobile phone locally and VOIP-services like Skype for international calls.

E-mail: You will get an e-mail address from the University when you arrive. It is important that you check this e-mail account since all information from LURC, the International office and your teachers will be sent to this address.

Internet connection in your accommodation: All accommodations include Internet connection. It is a broadband connection (10/10 Mbit) and it will be working when you arrive, no log-in. You will need a network cable.

Computers and Internet connection at the university: When you arrive you will receive a user account for the university computers. After activating the account you will have access to all computers in the library as well as the computer labs provided by your department. If you bring your own laptop there is wireless connection (Wi-Fi) in all university buildings. There are also a lot of network outlets, especially in the library, if you do not have a wireless. To use the wireless network or network outlets you need to have activated your account. You will be able to do the activation after you have arrived. LTU is part of The Eduroam initiative, so if your home university is also a part of Eduroam you can get online with the credentials from your home university.

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