How does the booking on the StiL Sportcenter webpage work?

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How does the booking on the StiL Sportcenter webpage work?

Post  Fredrik on April 17th 2010, 21:31

1. Go on the webpage
2. Then go to "Till bokningssidan" on the bottom-left corner
3. A new page will appear, click on "klickar här" to register under the button "gå vidare"
4. Then write the email adress you gave to Stil when you bought your card, you will receive a secret code on your mail-box
5. Once this is done, re-do step 1 to 3 , enter your email adress and the secret code you received, so that you will be logged in
6. On this new page, go on "boka aktivitet"
7. In this page, you can choose on the list "fotboll motion" (or another sport) and click on "boka"
8. Finally, you should be registered!!! (you can see now that you can "avboka" the fotboll training if you do not want to be in anymore)
9. So then when the training will be indoor in Pörsohallen, you will have to "pass" your card and get a ticket with your name!!

Fot the next trainings, you will just have to proceed from step 5.

Thanks to Florian for writing this guide.

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