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How to take an exam Empty How to take an exam

Post  Fredrik on July 31st 2009, 18:53

Date, time and place
You can find out where and when an exam takes place on your personal webpage on the student portal. The classroom where you take the exam can either be an ordinary classroom or a special examination hall, like F40 and A1016 both found in the basements of the buildings. You have to sign up for exam about one month in advance on the student portal. If you forget to sign up then talk to your professor.

Be there on time
If you are more than 45 minutes late for your exam you are not allowed to write it. This also means that none is allowed to leave the room of the exam during the first hour, not even to go to the bathroom.

Identification and student union membership card
At the exam you have to identify yourself with an identification card (passport, drivers licence etc.) and your student union membership card.

Only permitted equipment for that specific exam is allowed, for example dictionary and calculator. Your professor will let you know what you are allowed to use. You can use no other paper than the ones that are provided to you by the examination guards.

Peace and quiet
You have to do what the examination guards tell you to do. For example where to sit and where to place your bag. Mobile phones have to be switched off during exam. You are not allowed to talk to anyone during exam. If you need to borrow equipment from a friend during the exam, ask the examination guards first and they will help you. You are allowed to bring drinks and something to eat and this is a good idea to do. You eat quietly at your desk.

You are allowed to leave the room after the first hour of the exam to go to the restroom. The examination guards will announce after about one and a half hours that if you like you can follow one of them outside to have a cigarette or some fresh air. During this break you are of course not allowed to discuss the exam with your friends.

The professor who is responsible for the exam will be present to answer questions on and off during the exam. They usually show up after one hour and then one more time at the end of the exam. Do not hesitate to ask if anything is unclear to you.

To cheat is a bad solution. You can take the exam again and again until you pass it. If cheating is discovered the examination guard will file a report and hand it to the responsible professor together with the exam. The professor then reports it to the Board of the University. The matter will be handled by the Disciplinary Committee, which consist of the Vice Chancellor, a lawyer and two students. You can receive a warning or be expelled for up to six months. You will be put in a register which is an official document.

Good luck with your exams!

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