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Post  Fredrik on July 7th 2009, 12:19

How do I find the literature list for a course?
You find it in the syllabus for the course. Here you can look up courses offered in English and find the syllabus for each course.

Note that the course literature list is preliminary until three weeks before a course starts.

How do I get the literature?
Via Course books on the University Library website you can read more about different ways of getting the course literature that you need.

How much will the literature cost?
500-1000 SEK/course, and normaly you have 4 courses per semester. But cost may vary considerable. If the literature list includes several book you seldom need to buy them all. To keep costs down you can share books with your fellow students and use the University Library.

The University Library has a reference library with one copy of every course book. These books you can only use inside the Library. They can't be borrowed. The library also has 1-3 copies which can be borrowed. They are of course very popular. Read more on the University Library website.

Courses offered in English
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