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Inspection and cleaning Empty Inspection and cleaning

Post  Fredrik on July 6th 2009, 22:41

Before you leave you need to clean your room and have it checked out by the caretaker.

About inspection
Inspection is when the caretaker checks that your room is clean and proper, including the common areas. I recommend you to be there during the inspection but it is not mandatory. You have to move out before the inspection. If you are present at the inspection you return the keys then.

If you are not present during the inspection you need to leave the keys at your landlords office, if the office is closed, in their mailbox. Do not leave the keys in your own mailbox. Lulebo's office at Porsön you find next to ICA Supermarket, Lindbäcks' office is at Vänortsvägen 32.

At Väderleden 3A, 3C, 9 and 11 Lulebo has mailboxes on the ground floor where you can leave your keys. They are marked "keydrop".

Remember to mark your keys with name, address and room number before leaving them in the mailbox.

You need to make appointment for inspection at least 15 days before moving out.

If the landlord does not find your room clean according to their standards you can be fined as much as 1600 SEK depending on how it looks, and they are very thourogh. This is why you should be present at the inspection so you can easily do the extra cleaning during it.

About cleaning
Before leaving your room or apartment you have to clean it. Below is a list of what you need to do.

  • Remove dust from furniture, strips, doors etc.
  • Clean windows on both sides and in-between, use detergent.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Take out garbage.
  • Clean the bathroom carefully. Use detergent to clean toilet bowl, inside and outside. Clean bathroom mirror. Take apart the floordrain and clean the separate parts as well as the drain. Remove stains from walls, floors and taps.
  • Do not leave any duvet or pillow in the room. Ask your neighbours to keep it for the new students, leave it at the Red Cross Second Hand Store or throw it away.
  • Do not leave any food in the kitchen; throw it all away when you are cleaning.
  • If the apartment has a kitchen or a kitchenette it has to be carefully cleaned. Clean refrigerator, stove, kitchen fan and all the cupboards.
  • If your dorm has a shared kitchen it has to be carefully cleaned. Clean stove, kitchen fan and your shelves in the freezer, refrigerator and cupboards.
  • Contact the caretaker if something is broken.

Overdue bills and fines for not cleaning will after you have left first be sent to you and if they remain unpaid to your home university. You will also be charged for extra costs if you have lost a key or if something is broken.

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